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Oh My Goodness.....

by Happy Student

OH MY GOODNESS. I purchased your grading course earlier today and just binged through it! It already answered so many questions I've had for two years of trying so hard to be a knitwear designer! I swear I'm about to get emotional here. I've purchased other courses and looked through countless YouTube videos. I've searched the internet for answers. Now, I feel like I may have stumbled on a guide, that might actually be helpful, finally! The way you show and explain everything is just somehow so easy to understand. I've done a similar course before which only got me more confused. I'm so happy. I needed to tell you. I haven't actually tried it yet for my own design work, but I'm excited to, and that's weird because I'm usually terrified of that part of the design process. I'm not saying I'll love it, and for sure it's gonna take time to get used to, but finally I feel like it's possible. Thanks so much!😍

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Practical Grading Workshop for Knitting

    2. Finding your way around the workshop

    3. Online Workshop Terms & Conditions

    1. Module 1 - The Design Journey & Size Charts notes

    2. Module 1 - The Design Journey & Size Charts video

    3. Module 1 - Sample Garment Specification

    4. Module 1 - Opening Spreadsheet

    5. Module 1 - Adding Measurements to a Spreadsheet video

    6. Module 1 - Spreadsheet as created in session

    1. Module 2 - Stitch and Row Factors video

    2. Module 2 - Opening Spreadsheet

    3. Module 2 - Adding Stitches and Rows to the Spreadsheet video

    1. Module 3 - Opening Spreadsheet

    2. Module 3 - Rounding & Sense Checking video

    3. Module 3 - Spreadsheet after Rounding before Shaping

    4. Module 3 - Shaping Formulae notes

    5. Module 3 - Using Shaping Formulae video

    6. Module 3 - Final Spreadsheet

    1. Pattern Writing Resources video

    2. Pattern Writing Hints & Tips

    3. Pattern calculations set in sleeve

    4. Pattern calculations raglan sleeve

    5. Useful Excel functions

    6. Workshop Feedback Form

    7. Useful Reference Books for Grading

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  • 25 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content